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  Advanced Medical Laser Safety Officer Hands-on Workshop


Course Prerequisites:  Accredited certificate of formal training as a medical laser safety officer, and/or a
nationally recognized CERTIFICATION as a medical laser safety officer. CLASS LIMITED TO 9 PEOPLE. A waiver
will be required of each applicant acknowledging their own responsibility in understanding and managing
laser hazards and holding harmless the course and Professional Medical Education Association from any
potential injury. Regardless, safety issues will be discussed in detail.

Course Description & Purpose of Advanced MLSO training:  Once a MLSO has obtained the required initial
LSO training in the theoretical and didactic training in maintaining a safe working environment with lasers,
they can then benefit with additional practical hands-on experience in this workshop with a wide variety of
medical laser systems to become more familiar with the characteristics of the various lasers and their
delivery systems, a consideration described in the ANSI Z136.3 standards as important to the LSO in
establishing Nominal Hazard Zones (NHZ). Familiarity with the operating characteristics and practical safety
considerations of each laser type enhances the MLSO's ability to make "informed judgments"  (per ANSI)
about laser safety issues. Secondly, the MLSO will learn practical hands-on "inanimate" laser lab exercises
that the MLSO may teach to physician staff in their accreditation process to help them become more
knowledgeable about the effective control of laser energy with these various lasers and delivery devices,
separately from clinical procedure instruction and preceptorships. Such inanimate exercises are generally
an initial stage in physician credentialing in many physician credentialing programs. This is a two day
workshop. You'll receive at the course a summary of how to set up individual laser stations, including
suggested inanimate models to use, for inanimate lab training for physicians. Your workshop sessions will
essentially duplicate this for your hands-on.

For those that do not already hold an NCLC Medical Laser Safety Officer Certification (CLSO/M) we will offer
the Certification review and exam the morning of the third day, at no additional cost.

Lasers/Modalities used in the training:  The Advanced Medical Laser Safety Officer workshop may include,
but not be limited to, hands-on practice with the following ten types of lasers/modalities: 
1) CO2 lasers with collimated beams, handpieces, laparoscopes and microscopes with appropriate
inanimate models 2) CW Nd:Yag lasers to show fiber control and tissue effects  3) Ho:Yag lasers used with
models to teach coordination in stone fragmentation and effects in bone ablation, and review of the actual
measurements of the NHZ for these lasers  4) KTP lasers used on appropriate inanimate models  5) Q-
Switched Ophthalmic Nd:Yag lasers for photodisruption  6) Q-Switched Tattoo removal lasers including
Nd:Yag, KTP and Ruby on appropriate models  7) Airway laser safety practice and demonstrations including
creating live airway fires (inanimate model) and management steps taken in these emergencies  8) Practice
with coordination of applying aesthetic lasers such as Alexandrite or Nd:Yag and special safety precautions
taken around the bony orbit of the eye.

  - Course Agenda and Description
  - Workshop location & hotel information
  - See SEMINARS DATES page for schedule of classes.
Once you submit your registration, you will be asked to submit proof of eligibility for attendance - such as a copy of your Certificate from formal MLSO training, or your Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer Certificate.
Prior to attending you will also be sent a liability waiver to sign and return, regarding working with the live-firing lasers during the workshop.