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Aesthetic Laser ProceduresAesthetic Laser & Light Based Training Courses
Both Seminars and Computer Based Learning Listed here

These are our courses that are targeted toward those providing cosmetic/aesthetic laser and IPL based procedures, such as laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal, and treatment of benign vascular or pigmented lesions. It is directed toward physicians, nurses, aestheticians and technicians.
Follow the Links for more complete information. Scroll down the page for an overview of the types of courses - Seminars or Computer Based Learning.
Certificates of training are provided for all courses

.Although we do teach medical dermatology courses with physician faculty, these courses are NOT medical training programs and consist of easily performed cosmetic procedures not involving pathology or invasive procedures.

 Aesthetic Laser Procedurs (including Hair Removal) Full Online Course - plus optional hands-on and Certification Testing       
Laser Hair Removal Online         Clinical Preceptorships          Certification Review        Inhouse Training & Certifications        Annual Laser Safety Update - Keys

Different States have varying requirements for licensing of non-physicians to perform these cosmetic laser procedures, and most States have no regulations at all. It is up to the individual to determine their own requirements prior to purchasing aesthetic laser training programs. Follow these links for more information:
   * PDF Article "About Credentialing and State licensing issues for Aesthetic Laser & IPL use."
   * Free narrated online Powerpoint Presentation on Laser Certifications,Training and Licensing.
  (same material as the PDF article above, but as narrated 25 slide powerpoint for clarity - follow log in directions)
Boston MedTech Advisors
- Website of a consulting group that can answer specific licensing questions for your state.
   * How Do I obtain more Hands-On Training if I attend your Seminars or Online Courses?

Aesthetic Laser Preceptorships Clinical Preceptorships:  After you've taken ANY of our seminars OR online courses in aesthetic laser procedures, we'll be happy to refer you to one of a handful of locations around the country that offer additional hands-on supervised clinical experience with various laser/ipl modalities on patients. These centers offer such preceptorships ONLY to those who have first successfully completed a training seminar or online course. We make the referral and you make your own financial arrangements with that office for the amount of time you wish to have additional patient treatment experience. We refer ONLY our alumni.
CLICK HERE for more information and a list of cities where preceptorships are offered.
                             Current Preceptors in: Ar, Az, Co, Southern Ca, Hawaii, Ma, Md, Mn, NY, South Tx, Toronto Canada, Va, Wi,
Click on the Course Names for more Info

Aesthetic Laser Procedures

Aesthetic Laser
Seminar with
 Intro Hands-On
(includes hair removal)

Click on the Individual Courses below for more information. Scroll down the entire page for all courses.

 Aesthetic Laser & Light Based Procedures - -  INCLUDING FREE Hands-On and Optional NCLC Certification Exam
         Given Online, with Hands-On and Certifications given in Ohio quarterly- See the Seminar Dates page for the schedule.

NOTE: As of May 2015 we're no longer providing this as a 3 day seminar. We are finding that most of students enrolled in the Aesthetic Laser Procedures courses are working in a physician based practice or MediSpa setting and have good access to continued hands-on training with the aesthetic lasers. It's primarily the broad academic training and accreditation these students need and they find that it's more economical to obtain that through our Computer Based Learning programs. They're exactly the same lectures and one still receives an accredited Certificate of Laser Training. Special pricing is available for 2-7 people for office based practices.

We're now providing this as a combination of our Online Training programs, and then one or two days at a quarterly meeting in our Ohio office which includes Hands-On orientation AND the NCLC Laser Certification examination. If you don't need these things then you're finished when you complete your accredited Online training program.

For those students who don't come from such a physician practice or MediSpa setting, and still need the hands-on orientation to lasers - we'll provide it to you FREE of charge, once every three months in our Ohio Office - the same as the aesthetic seminars were scheduled. We'll actually provide MORE hands-on orientation on MORE TYPES of Laser systems because we're going to spend the better part of a day doing this - not the half day originally scheduled in the seminars. YES, It's FREE (Well, we'll actually charge you $15 just for your lunch, so that we can have it brought in and keep working on lasers). These hands-on sessions are not scheduled clinical uses of the lasers, no different than the seminar session. We practice hands-on work with the various lasers on inanimate objects to learn how to operate different systems, and clinical use procedural videos are embedded throughout the online program. You'll still need additional clinical training with these lasers - the same as if you had attended the original seminar - and we discuss various ways of doing that in this FAQ:

These Free Hands-On sessions with Lasers are scheduled on a Saturday. Optionally, on the Sunday, you may sit for the NCLC Laser Certification Examination for either Laser Hair Removal or the more broad Aesthetic Laser Procedures (which includes Hair Removal). Any of our students who first completes their online training course already qualifies for the requisite number of hours of formal laser training in order to take the exam. You'll need to complete an application form in advance, and pay the application and testing fee of approximately $230 (prices listed in the Certification Handbook). You can download a copy of the CERTIFICATION HANDBOOK to review the requirements and fees, and download an application form at

We ALSO offer this Aesthetic program as a 3 Day INHOUSE program at your office. It includes hands-on training on your equipment AND the NCLC Laser Certification exams. For more info on these private INHOUSE courses, CLICK HERE.

NOTE: TX, AZ, OH and FL non-physician students: You must attend a Hands-On School which has submitted application to that State for pre-approval. Although we are the longest established laser training organization in the U.S. we have chosen not to make submissions to these States for various reasons. We can however refer you to other organizations in those States. Just email us. Physicians in those States do not have the same requirements and can attend any of our Aesthetic Seminars or Home Study programs.

This Laser course (the online Aesthetic Laser Procedures course) provides a solid foundation in aesthetic laser office procedures and includes hands-on demonstrations. It INCLUDES Laser Hair Removal. Earn a certificate of Laser Training, and optionally sit for the Aesthetic Laser Operator Certification Exam if you apply after the course. The course is designed to introduce the fundamental concepts of laser/light science, as applied to the technology and safety. This course is NOT limited to just one Laser company - we give you a broad foundation on all of them. The course is especially useful to take before you commit to buying equipment, and we'll discuss new & used equipment. Applicable to Physicians, Nurses, Aestheticians and Technicians. Courses include the option to register for additional preceptorships with our course directors after the workshop. Preceptorships available only to those who have first completed the seminar or online course. Includes accredited Certificate of Laser Training.


Aesthetic Laser Procedures

Aesthetic Laser Online
(includes hair removal)
 Aesthetic Laser & Light Based Procedures  Online/Home-Study (this link opens the Online Course Catalogue)
        Essentially this is the SAME course as the 3 day Seminar listed above, with the exception of hands-on demonstrations and the NCLC Certification Exam.
Online / Home-Study Course. The "Boot Camp" of Laser Training for cosmetic procedures performed with Laser, IPL and LED devices. Approximately 24 hours online and an additional 16 hours of book study, this 40 hour program provides a solid foundation for all those wishing to enter this field. It is ESPECIALLY helpful to complete prior to investing in expensive laser or ipl equipment. Directed toward non-dermatology physicians, nurses, aestheticians and technicians.The course catalogue has complete information, but it covers all the basic laser science and safety, patient treatment safety, different laser types and uses, skin biology, light based skin rejuvenation, laser & IPL hair removal, pigmented and vascular lesions, and Tattoo removal. This includes the Laser & Light Based Hair Removal program listed below. Includes accredited Certificate of Laser Training.
Please see the notes in the Seminar section above on the FREE HANDS-ON laser training, and optional NCLC Laser Certification Exams available on a quarterly basis to students in our Online/Home-Study programs.

Price: $695 for one person, or $995 for two with the option of an additional 5 people at only $125 each.
            This is a great way to get quality training for your entire staff at very reasonable prices - especially if you work in a practice where a more senior technician or physician can supervise the hands-on portion of your training.
*Note: The States of Arizona, Ohio, Florida and Texas will not accept Online/Home-Study programs.
           You must instead attend a State specific 5 day seminar as listed above for Tx, OH, FL or Az (but it's exactly the same information)

Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal Online
Laser and Light Based Hair Removal  (this link opens the Online Course Catalogue)
If you want just Laser & IPL hair removal, this is the program. Otherwise this course is integrated into the more comprehensive Aesthetic Laser Procedures Online/Home-Study course listed above, and is actually the first 5 modules of that course. Includes accredited Certificate of Laser Training.

Price: $395 for one, or $595 for two with the option of an additional 5 people at $125 each.
*Note: The States of Arizona, Florida and Texas will not accept these Online/Home-Study programs for non-physicians.
           Non-physicians must instead attend a State specific seminar as listed above for those States.

ANSI Z136.3 Laser Safety Standards OVERVIEW: ANSI Z136.3 Laser Safety Standards - a "Cliff Notes" Summary. (Available as an Online Course Only)
Applicable to both Medical and Aesthetic Practices. This is a 126 slide narrated presentation on the latest ANSI Laser Safety Standards. It is NOT a copy of the standards and you'll still need to buy a set of those, but this is a "Common Sense" presentation of what the Standards actually say and gives you options in how to apply them in your practice. You can download a PDF copy of the presentation, and then use it to go over the actual ANSI Standards so that you understand them more easily. Includes an accredited Certificate of Laser Training.
PRICE: ONLINE - $95 View in online courses catalog -
Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal Certification Review
Laser Certification Review - Hair Removal (No link - all information listed here)
This is an expanded review that is specific to the NCLC Certified Laser Hair Removal Provider Certification Exam. THIS IS NOT A PRIMARY TEACHING PROGRAM. It is intended as an expanded review for those wishig to take this Certification Exam (application must be made separately and individuals must qualify - see the Certification Handbook at ) - 3 modules and about 195 slides for 3 hours of online work.
Price: FREE for those who have made application to the NCLC for this Hair Removal exam. Contact to be setup online, once you've submitted your application.
Please be aware that there is also a PDF printout of this presentation available FREE to anyone to download. Go to the "Study Materials" page of website by CLICKING HERE.

In-House Laser Training
In-House Laser Training and Certification - at your own facility  (this link takes you to the Course Page)
1 Day Course -- 1/2 day of Laser Principles & Safety Lecture, plus 1/2 day of hands-on work with your own lasers (any type) in your own facility. Designed for staff working with aesthetic laser and IPL equipment. Can also be exanded to a two to three day course to duplicate our Aesthetic Laser & Light Based Procedures course, including NCLC Laser Certification Exams on-site. Regular courses include accredited Certificates of Laser Training, and course meets requirements for many insurance providers. Click on the course page above to read more about the 2 and 3 day courses.
Price: One Day    $1500 plus reasonable travel expenses for one faculty.
Price: Two Day    $2500 plus reasonable travel expenses for one faculty.
Price: Three Day  $3500 plus reasonable travel expenses for one faculty.
     (Any of these programs can include the NCLC Laser Certification Review & Exams - depending on eligibility & content of program - see the course page)
                 Call or email to check on available dates - we'll send you an educational services agreement to schedule training
Annual Laser Safety Update
Annual Update
Laser Certifications & Annual Laser Safety Update  - Florida Keys, Marathon (this link opens the Seminar Page)
Once a year we provide an update on Laser Safety as a service to all of our Medical / Aesthetic / Technical Alumni at minmal cost, and provide availability of Laser Certification Exams through the National Council on Laser Certifications (NCLC). Held around April of each year. Check the Schedules Page.
It's only $195 for the 3 day course for any alumni.This also INCLUDES ANY online laser course in advance for FREE if you need it to take the exam - see limitations on the course page.
$895 regular registration for others that are not alumni. You'll make your own room reservations and alternative hotels are listed.  The NCLC Laser Certification exams are included at no additional charge. This is also a good way to renew your Medical Laser Safety Officer Certification without having to meet the 3 year continuing education requirements.
TAKE ANY OF OUR ONLINE LASER COURSES before you arrive if you need to qualify to take one of the Certification Exams. They are included for FREE for anyone taking the exam at the course, but access is terminated the last day of the course, and Certificates for the training will only be issued at the Keys sminar.  They include Aesthetic or Laser Hair Removal, Laser Safety Officer, etc.