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DISCLAIMER:  Most States have no requirements for Physicians to perform these procedures if they are
otherwise licensed in that State. Additionally, some States do have requirements for non-physicians performing
these procedures, but most are non-applicable if working directly under a Physicians supervision in their
practice. Some States have licensing requirements for non-physicians offering these services, but most State's
have none. We are a medical education organization rather than a vocational school and do not track licensing
requirements (if any) in various States. You can call your State Medical Board to check. Take a look at an
article we have that explains the differences between Accredited Training, National Certifications, and State
Licensing (CLICK HERE). These are excellent courses, but it is up to you to determine whether it meets your
own requirements. Aside from any State requirements, the course is equally beneficial to both Physicians and
non-Physicians. Indy Laser Center will also be offering preceptorships after the class for supervised hands-on
clinical instruction for those that need it - see below

                          ACCREDITATION           LASERS             NCLC CERTIFICATION      PRECEPTORSHIPS

DATES: Generally offered twice per year. See the SEMINAR DATES page for the schedule.

FEE: $2800 for Physicians and Non-Physicians. This class is OPEN REGISTRATION TO ALL. This fee includes
the course and all materials, including the NCLC Certification exam. Includes 3 hotel nighgts at the
Renaissance (we book the hotel after your registration), and lunch each day of the course.
DISCOUNTS:  $100 discount for registration and prepayment 30 days or more in advance.
                       15% discount off each, for 2 or more registrations made together.
          (On the online registration just choose the course, and then in the remarks section indicate whether
either discount will apply to you - we'll confirm that upon receipt of the registration.)

INHOUSE TRAINING AT YOUR OFFICE: This same program is available onsite at your own office using your
own laser equipment for $3500 plus travel expenses. It is possible to cut it down to 2 days onsite time if you
have your staff complete some of the lectures online first (no additional charge).

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This 3 day program is designed to start from the beginning and cover all of the
principles and concepts involved with cosmetic laser procedures. In this course we do not deal with medical
laser procedures for pathological skin conditions, but emphasize the common aesthetic procedures and devices
used for things such as laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigmented and vascular lesion removal, laser
tattoo removal, skin resurfacing and related aesthetic procedures. We DO NOT cover non-laser aesthetic
procedures such as Botox or Fillers, RF devices, nor other non-laser cosmetic procedures. Our emphasis in
this course is on all of the various lasers and IPL's used for these procedures. Although the emphasis is on
these cosmetic laser procedures, we also discuss the ANSI Laser Safety Standards and what is required to
setup your Laser Safety Program.  It includes a half day of hands-on orientation with the typical types of lasers
used for these procedures. We practice on inanimate objects, volunteers, and each other. This is enough to
break the ice and get you started with being familiar with devices, but you'll need additional clinical experience
after the course. We'll discuss easy ways to do this. We are a non-profit organization that is not affiliated with
any one laser company so you get a very good overview of the types of devices used. You should attend this
course prior to purchasing equipment. If needed, we can followup with inhouse training at your own facility doing
clinical procedures with your equipment. This program also includes a 45 minute session on Business Aspects.

For our course in Indianapolis IN, we will use the laser equipment in INDY LASER's well equipped cosmetic
laser clinic. We are not obligated to any one manufacturer. As a result you'll probably get a better range of
devices to work on than if you attended a program supported by a manufacturer (although manufacturers
provide excellent training that is focused just on their devices). We will have available various representative
types of Laser devices. Side by side comparisons are useful to help "break the ice" of the mystery and
show the relevant differences.

- Describe the anatomy, histology and pathophysiology of the skin as it relates to dermatological laser procedures
·  Exhibit an understanding of basic laser biophysics and laser-tissue interactions as it relates to dermatological laser and
light source procedures.
·  Discuss laser safety precautions for patient and personnel to include eye safety and regulatory safety requirements,
including administrative and procedural controls.
·  Describe patient selection, safety considerations, anesthetic options, management of complications, post-operative
care and procedural techniques for each procedure discussed, to include laser hair removal, pigmented and vascular
lesion removal, treatment of Acne, Skin
Rejuvenation and Skin Resurfacing.
·  Explain conceptually how lasers work, and explain the differentiating characteristics of lasers
·  Discuss the pertinent energy, optical and fiber concepts that are applicable to medical laser use
·  Describe four different types of laser/tissue interactions and explain the importance of thermal confinement to aesthetic
·  Describe the types of hazards which laser presents to personnel and patients.
·  Explain the safety precautions and procedures recommended by ANSI during laser medical procedures to maintain a
safe working environment.

COURSE MATERIALS: Will include PDF copies of all of the slide presentations, copy of the Aesthetic Laser
Procedures Course manual, sample laser safety policies and procedures, a comprehensive listing of laser
manufacturers and suppliers (we take no advertising money), and some sample treatment protocols.

COURSE OUTLINE & FACULTY:  3 Days, 8-5 pm, including the optional NCLC Laser Certification exams the
last day.  CLICK HERE for an outline and Faculty Information.
                 Gregory Absten BSc, MBA,    Chris Dryden CLO/A, CLSO/M, CLHRS, CLHRS Supervisor

ACCREDITATION:  This program is approved by the California Board of Registered Nurses (CBRN) for 26.7
contact hours (CEU's).  We have not applied for Category I CME approval because we use examples of many
specific types of laser devices identifiable by brand of laser (though we are not affiliated with any manufacturer).
This device specific illustration in our training precludes Category I approvals, but the program may be submitted
by the individual physician for Category II CME approval. We believe that it is more imporant to see specifics of
equipment and how it is used rather than the Category I credit.

NCLC LASER CERTIFICATIONS:  Certification is a Professional Credential that sets you apart from the rest.
At the option of the attendee, at the end of this course you will qualify to take the NCLC Laser Certification
exam, and may do so at no charge. We will have an intensive review session just prior to the testing. With
some exceptions for non-physicians, these Certifications are NOT a requirement for doing laser procedures but
are instead a professional credential that sets you apart from other providers. These Certifications are offered
through the separate non-profit National Council on Laser Certification. You may complete the application form
at the time of the course. You should download and read the Certification Handbook about the requirements for
the various Certifications, available at

PRECEPTORSHIPS: Indy Laser Center will be offering a separate supervised clinical preceptorship immediately
following the seminar for those that need such additional clinical training. This is offered exclusively to those
who have first attended the 3 day seminar, or have completed the online Aesthetic Laser & Light Based
Procedures course. For those wishing more hands-on clinical instruction, a separate 1-3 day preceptorship is
offered immediately after this course by Indy Laser. It's $1500 for one day which may be sufficient, or if you
want 1 or 2 more days it's an additional $1000 per day. Call us to add you. Payment will be directly to Indy
Laser for this additional clinical preceptorship.
Co-Sponsored by INDY LASER, Chris Dryden, Owner
Classes Held at Indy Laser at
172 W. Carmel Dr., Carmel, IN 46032
Renaissance Hotel Indy North  Tel: 317-816- 0777

                             $2800, includes Course, 3 Hotel nights at Renaissance, and lunches.

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OR - take our online program first, then schedule
a private preceptorship with Indy Laser.