Have a laser or medical equipment in reasonable working condition that is just lying around? Costing you Money to keep & store?
Give it to us for use in training programs or charitable purposes and we'll give you the 501 C 3 letter of donation, for tax deduction purposes.

NOTE: We do NOT accept X Ray or similar equipment that has EPA disposal and related regulations

Professional Medical Education Association, Inc. is a federally recognized 501 (C) 3, nonprofit, tax exempt private foundation. Donations to our organization qualify as a tax deductible contribution. Your donation will be well utilized by our group for its intended missions of health care and education.

What Can we use? 
    Bio-Medical Equipment and Instruments - General Surgical or Medical Equipment and Instruments - in working condition.
    Medical Lasers - anything that is in working order, or minor disrepair. Older systems are fine provided they were working when put into storage and have not been cannibalized.
    Medical Electronics & Diagnostics -  monitoring systems, video systems, etc.

You would cover the costs of shipping to Columbus Ohio. We can refer you to several shipping companies that can do this at a reasonable price. In some special cases we would arrange and pay for shipping when we have an immediate need for the equipment, such as certain functional medical lasers.

How do you document the donation and how much is it worth?  Once you've made a donation to us we'll provide  a letter to you with our Federal Tax ID# that states the specifics of the donation, and references the tax deductible status. We'll provide a copy of our IRS tax exempt letter.  The IRS tells us that they don't want us to put the valuation on the letter - only the specifics of the donation. The value of the donation is determined by your accountant. Some donors seek a valuation letter from another group or organization that estimate a fair market value, and we can refer you to such groups. The actual amount of the deduction though is determined by your accountant.

Call Gregory Absten at 614-883-1739
Email: Absten@LaserTraining.org

Please note that we cannot accept nonfunctioning or cannibalized equipment
Tax deductible donation to Professional Medical Education Association, Inc.