September 2021
“Laser Training Institute is a world class medical education center. Located conveniently close to some of Central Ohio’s best dining. Course instructors hold many U.S. patents and have written many scholarly articles pioneering the medical laser industry. This training has been the best service school I have attended for the amount of instructors years of experience in the field of study.”
Gerald McDaniel, Sr BMET, University of New Mexico Hospital

“As well as the excellent training, the Laser Maintenance & Repair Course opened up a network of excellent laser resources, and of other hospital biomeds.”
Zach Johnson, Mercy Medical Center, Baltimore MD

“Wonderful introduction in basic laser repair pm.”
Jacob Calhoun, Mercy Health, Rockford IL

February 2020
The faculty is very knowledgeable and they have many years of experience which allows us to find many solutions of different kinds of problems which we may face in the future regarding various lasers.”
Darpan Rathod, Trimedx, Northshore University Health System, Chicago (area) IL

“Amazing and well ran course! Love all the instructors. They were patient and kind. Full of knowledge and I was able to pick their brains to apply to my future in lasers. Thank you Laser Training Institute." -
Roy Dowding - Las Vegas Nevada

November 2019
“Great class, great teachers! Highly recommend.”
Howard Tran, Nirvana Weight loss & Laser, San Diego CA

August 2018
“This class got to the meat and potatoes of service without being bogged down in the mire of regulation”
Anonomous Student

August 2018
“The course gives you the knowledge and practice so that when you leave you are familiar with general laser concepts. It also includes preventative maintenance and repairs for the 4 types of lasers (Hands-On.) I believe the most important part is that you become part of a network that have years of experience in the laser field and are willing to help.”
Tynetta Silmon,  Baylor St. Luke’s, Houston, TX

February 2018
The staff are experts in their field and are very engaging. Great course to take. I highly recommend taking this course if you will be working with lasers."
Chris Titus, Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis, IN

February 2017
"Course was very informative. the teaching staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful."
Michael Romano, Cleveland Clinic Hillcrest Hospital, Mayfield Heights, OH

February 2017
"This is a great course! If you want to know more about lasers & get into the repair of them this is definitely the place to be. Greg & his staff and faculty are the best. I would recommend that you come to this Insititute."
Anonomous Student

February 2017
"Excellent Course. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting quality laser training. I enjoyed the variety of the instructors, as it provided an opportunity to learn different perspectives & teaching methods from very knowledgeable individuals in the laser industry."
Ivey Cunningham, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN

February 2017
"This was the most intense tech school I have attended and also the most fun! Every instructor extremely knowledgeable and skilled presentation."
John Kapusniak, Upstate University Hospital, Syracuse, NY

November 2016.
"Excellent Class. The knowledge base presented by all instructors was exponential in the understanding of both simple & complex laser theory and application. This class should be a prerequisite for all DOD Biomed Training."
T. David Cisney, Via-Christi Hospital, Manhattan, KS, CW2, 670A

August 2016
Karl and I enjoyed meeting you and learning with you all. FYI Carl and I were able to fix my lasers within an hour of opening each one up. If I would've sent these back to the manufacturers,it was a minimum of $4000 per laser just to start. Wow! Greg I want to thank you so much for the awesome learning experience! "
Randy Weisel DDS, Indian Rocks Beach (St Pete Area), FL

August 2016
"I always thought of lasers as big scary devices that will shoot your eyes out. After this course I am extremely confident and comfortable that I can repair and maintain any laser in my hospital."
Andy Anderson, Richmond Va

August 2016
"Awesome Course. Immense knowledge of staff. Information to the MAX!"
Anonymous student evaluation

August 2016.
"All of the instructors were excellent, making themselves available for any questions or further clarification. I can't say enough about this class and all the instructors! Absolutely Outstanding!
Maureen Glinowiecki, Kingsville MD

August 2016.
"This course was great. It enlightend me about application and treatment. I'm now able to (make) first call on laser services."
Anonymous student evaluation

May 2016.
"With 17 years experience, I learned many things I had no idea about. Excellent Class. I would recommend this to anyone. Great instructors - Great support."
Kevin Crawford RN, FNP, Owner, Arizona Laser Skin Solutions

November 2014
"The entire staff far exceeded my expectations! Not only were they exceptionally knowledgeable in their respective disciplines, they all went way out of their way to accommodate any questions or concerns. Top Notch - All of them!"
Anonymous student evaulation

November 2014
"I signed up for this course with little knowledge of lasers. I really enjoyed the online modules prior to the course. Hearing it all again during the lectures really made it stick, then the labs made for a complete learning experience. Best school I've been to yet! Outstanding job."
T.J. Miller, St Vincent Hospital - Trimedx, Indianapolis, IN

November 2014
"Amazing experience! I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is in need of professional / fun education on lasers."
Nathan Matthews
St Alexious Medical Center - Trimedx
Chicago, IL

November 2014
"Very nice and interesting course. Easy to understand teachers. Good material and Hands-On. I do recommend it."
Ohmedo Sousa M.D.

August 2014
"I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in lasers. I walked in with minimal experience and now my knowledge has expanded greatly."
Tyler Gelderman
Healthcare Security Services
Denver, Co

February 2014
"After attending the class I feel more than capable handling PM's on multiple systems. I especially feeL comfortable with taking on a non-familiar system and being able to call any of the instructors for questions or help, knowing that they know what they know. Thank you for the opportunity and attention."
Anonymous student evaluation.

February 2014
"..All of the faculty have made this training the best training event I have ever been to. Best wishes to you all, and hope to see you all again!
Jared Dayringer
Biomedical Equipment Specialist
Providence Hospital
Waco, Tx

January 2013
"Boy have I been able to use the material that you taught in your class!   I have done over 25 laser service calls since attending your class 8 months ago and have found the skills you taught to be very valuable.  There is so much to learn about this technology but your class taught me the basics and language of the field which gave me the confidence to jump in and start teaching myself." .....
...."You, your staff, and the laser experts that you made available to us, have all helped me after the class,  to turn the generic laser knowledge from your class into practical model specific proceedures in the field."
R. Daryl Forsythe CBET CLRT
Clinical Engineering
Stroger Hospital
1901 W. Harrison Street, LL335
Chicago IL 60612

January 2013
"Tim Freteluco here from Austin, Texas. I took your laser training course last year around this time. Since I've been maintaining my equipment and have only called out for service one time last year (knock on wood). Your course has honestly saved me around $20K so far."
Tim Freteluco
Aesthetic Laser Practice
Austin, Tx

October 2012
"I have another triumph to report which is a direct result of your immaculate courses in laser repair. I've solved the candela Cryogen issue. Now that I have become completely independent of any outsourcing for my laser service and repair needs, I owe you all my humble gratitude.If anyone needs help in this regard, I'll be more than happy to share my information. Thanks. You are a great teacher."
Hassan Feroze MD
Rawalpindi, Pakistan

December 2011
"Our Mini GentleLase died out on us with a huge bang last month. With your faculty's telephonic help (Jim McDaniel), we diagnosed the problem with the HVPS. We replaced those parts . . . Now it's working fine. We owe this huge saving directly to you and your most helpful laser repair course. After your course, we can repair and fix our machines in minimal turn-around times and at a fraction of the cost of repairs or parts. Please, accept our heartfelt grattitude.
Hassan Feroze MD
Clear Skin Clinics
Rawalpindi, Pakistan

May 2011
"I really enjoyed your class and will have to admit that it far exceeded my expectations. You and your staff have a passion for medical lasers and your collective energy and professionalism certainly reflect this."
Mike Hoyt, BS, CBET.
Clinical Engineering
St. Vincent Hospital
Indianapolis, IN
(317) 338-6632

Student Endorsements & Testimonials
(posted with each student's permission)
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