Call 800-342-2704  or email to check on dates, and request the educational services agreement.

PRICING: $1500 - 1day / $2500 - 2day / $3500 - 3 day,  plus reasonable travel expenses for one faculty
  (Aesthetic Practices can accomplish the 3 day course for $3000 plus travel, by completing the lectures online first)
               $2500 for the one day Laser Repair Orientation course - discounts apply

Course Description:   -  Course and optional administration of NCLC LASER Certification Exams (MLSO, Aesthetic)

Aesthetic::  1-3 Day Inhouse Courses - Up to 9 people for training

            DOWNLOAD the brochure for the Aesthetic Inhouse training

One day programs are typically used for safety training and orientation on new equipment to staff that is otherwise trained in laser procedures, but one day is not sufficient to teach the full aesthetic laser procedures and safety course for those with no prior background. When we agree to a one day program for equipment training we'll require evidence of previous formal laser training of the staff prior to agreeing to the one day program. One day courses are $1500 plus travel.

For staff already trained in the procedures, another option for one day is focusing solely on the Laser Certifications by doing a Certification Review and then administer the NCLC Laser Certification exams. Everyone wishing to take an exam would need to be qualified by first having taken a documented laser training program of from 16-24 hours (depending on the certification).  If you opt for this review and testing program, but don't meet the formal requirements for documented training, we'll provide our online programs to you in advance at 50% discount. That would meet the hours requirement for testing.

In a two day course we teach essentially the same Aesthetic Procedures course that we offer as an Online program.It's all lecture material, no time for hands-on, and no NCLC Laser Certification exams. Two day courses are $2500 plus travel.

A three day Course allows us to offer the same 2 day aesthetic laser procedures course mentioned above, and then include 1/2 day of hands-on work with lasers, AND the NCLC Laser Certification Review and Testing. Even for experienced practitioners, this is the best way to ensure success if you are taking the NCLC Laser Certification exams. 3 day courses are $3500 plus travel.

3 Day course in 2 Days: We know that 3 days of down time in a practice can be hard to obtain, so we can deliver this same 3 day program in only two days if you'll have staff complete the first 5 modules of the course online in advance. We don't charge any extra for the online program access, but it's important that they finish this prior to the course if they want to meet the requirements for the Certification Exam at the end. This is still priced at $3500 plus travel, but saves you a day on office down time.

3 Day course in 1 Day, and price reduced to $3000 plus travel. We can cut your office down time to only one day if all the staff completes all of the online lectures first. We can then come in for just one day to complete the half day of hands-on orientation to your laser(s), plus administer the NCLC Laser Certification exams. $3000 plus travel expenses.

A one day, basic laser course consists of lectures and demonstration "hands-on" laser training.
The purpose is to provide the required Laser Safety Training for nurses and staff who operate laser equipment and work in the laser environment. ANSI Safety requirements for Health Care Institutions and personnel are covered in detail. Practical biophysics of lasers are taught which describes the different types of medical lasers, the essentials of how they work and why different lasers are used for different types of procedures, plus the practical aspects of various delivery systems including laser fibers, and of course practical laser safety. A typical program is 1/2 day theory lecture, and 1/2 day hands-on practice with the equipment.

A two day in-house Medical/Surgical course is typically the two day Medical Laser Safety Officer (MLSO) Course.
The first day of this program also includes the laser assistants and operators. The Laser Safety Officers attend both days with the second day moving more into administrative requirements and the ANSI Laser Safety Standards. The NCLC Certification Exam may be administered the second afternoon for the Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer credential. It's included in the course fee. This does not allow time for hands-on however, unless the hands-on is substituted for the Certification Exams.

The three day in-house Hospital course
Hospitals, Outpatient Surgery Centers and similar medical facilites are faced with the issue of how to achieve training for different levels of their staff, plus ensure that their Laser Safety Program is organized. We frequently conduct one day in-house courses for hospitals that train staff in laser safety and how to operate specific lasers, but that leaves no time for complete training of Medical Laser Safety Officers (LSO), nor to perform audits on the overall laser safety program, nor administer LSO Certification exams for those that want them. We can do ALL of these individually (as shown in the 1-2 day programs above), but not in one day.

Now we're offering a 3 Day package for hospitals that provides training for staff for general laser safety and operation, full training for your Medical Laser Safety Oficer and Deputies, administration of Medical Laser Safety Officer certification exams for those that want them, and either a half day of hands-on training on lasers for your staff, or a half day of auditing your existing laser safety program. The LSO's will attend two days of the program. Staff will attend either a 1/2 day or full day depending on whether hands-on training is offered, and the audit is performed in 1/2 day with the LSO and other hospital administrative personnel. (See Laser Safety Audit info)

Biomedical Engineering - Fundamentals of Medical Laser Use, Maintenance and Safety

This one day program is designed to give the practicing Biomedical Engineer a good foundation in how different types of medical lasers are used for various surgical procedures, fundamental energy concepts, safety, and basic maintenance issues with all four classes of medical lasers. Topics will include the basic laser and energy concepts required to understand the differences in types of medical laser systems and how they are applied, relevant safety aspects for both use and maintenance, and general laser/tissue interactions. It will include an overview of the individual laser components and general maintenance requirements for the four classes of laser systems -- solid state (crystals), gas, liquid (dye) and semi-conductor (diode) lasers. These will include the CO2, Ho:Yag, Nd:Yag, Ar, Kr, Excimers, various Diode lasers and others. It will also discuss the Federal laws requiring detailed service information to be made available to users upon request. These are all powerpoint presentations with embedded video clips for examples. Accredited for 7.2 Contact Hours. Certificates of Laser Training provided. $2500 plus travel expenses for one person. A credit of $500 will be applied to the registration fee of our week long Laser Repair Course given in Columbus Ohio for Hospitals that subsequently send one or more of their people to the regular hands-on laser repair course. (See Laser Repair Course info)

For a one page course outline and description of this one day course, CLICK HERE. (Opens as MS Word document)



Once dates are selected we'll email an educational services agreement outlining what we'll do and locking in the date(s), and ask that it be completed and returned before we commit it to the schedule.

EMAIL to Gregory Absten for an educational services agreement for review, and to check on available dates.

Course Times & Outline (customized to your needs, but generally includes:)

Customized course times according to your request - but generally start at 8am for lectures, which go all morning until noon.
   Hospital surgical staff sometimes want to start at 7:30am.
Hands-on work starting at 1pm - total time depends on number of lasers and staff, but generally finishes from 3pm to 5pm.
These can be customized, but a typical one day course is:
8am: Laser & Energy Concepts
        Laser/Tissue Optics & Interaction
        Laser Safety
12:00 Lunch
1pm: Hands-On work with the facilities laser
5pm: Adjourn

Two to Three day courses customized to the client.

Faculty - Alternating between the following listed faculty. Click each one for more biographical information:

Gregory Absten - Executive Director & President, Professional Medical Education Assn.
Dan Little - Technical Director, Professional Medical Education Assn.

What You Get - included with Inhouse Training:
- Course Manual and Slide handouts electronically transmitted to you so that you can print or distribute as desired.
- Hands-on training on your own laser equipment, regardless of make/model - we do them all.
- Accredited Certificates of Laser Training. Mailed after the course, after travel expenses have been reimbursed.
- NCLC Laser Certification Exams for eligible applicants - at option of client. The Aesthetic Laser and MLSO Certifications are at no additional charge.
       This includes an intensive review session prior to testing to "cram" for the exam.

Accreditation: - Certificate of Laser Training provided (This is separate from the optional Laser Certifications)
1 Day program: 5.2 Nursing Contact Hours for the certificates. (3 hours of hands-on lab time is only 1 hour of CEU credits). Aditional credits for two & three day courses - Generally about 16.1 and 26.7 credit hours for 2 or 3 day courses.
Qualifies for Category II CME when submitted by the physician.
Provider Approved by the California Board of  Registered Nursing, Provider # CEP 12386.
Most states offer reciprocity and accept these credits.

In order to issue the certificates we'll need you to have all attendees physically sign-in on a sign in sheet that we'll provide.
For nursing we'll need either their state license number or their social security number (California requires this of us).

CLICK HERE for our full refund policy. In a nutshell - once we've agreed to the dates and locked them in, the program is non-refundable. You can reschedule with a 30+ day notice.
In-House (or in-office) Laser Training and NCLC Laser Certifications
Aesthetic or Private Practices or Hospital Settings
Your Lasers - Your Facility
* Aesthetic 1-3 days

* Med/Surg Operators 1-3 day
In Hospitals

* Laser Safety Officers

* Biomedical - Maintenance